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Sunday Service Orders

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10:30 AM ONLY Sunday Worship
     Service, March 7, 2021

Tidings of the Church
Ambassador Report
Call to Worship – Revelation 15:3-4
Rejoice the Lord is King ... # 302
Here I am to Worship
Merciful Reconciliation - responsive reading
His Mercy is More
To God Be the Glory ... # 28
Scripture - Titus 2:11-14; 3:3-7
Thank You, Lord (Sykes) ... # 582
He Keeps Me Singing ... # 148

Message by Pastor Scott Hecht
       "Why John Wrote the Gospel of John"
                      (John 20:30-31)
There is a Redeemer ... # 279

Musical Selections With Numbers may be found in The Worship Hymnal. Others are projected PowerPoint images.


Evening Service, March 7, 2021

Normal Format

Opening Hymns
Prayer & Praise
Message by Pastor Scott Hecht
        "The New Heavens and New Earth" (Part 2)
                         Revelation 21:1-27
Closing Hymn