Sunday Service Orders

  Sunday Service Orders  

10:00 AM Morning Worship Service, Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tidings of the Church
Call to Worship – Psalm 104:33-34
Almighty  # 4
Holy, Holy, Holy  # 68
Holy Spirit
Scripture – Acts 2:1-21
You Are My King
Responsive Reading  # 368
I'll Tell the World  # 368
I Remember Calvary – Martin/Black
     Boehr family
Message by Pastor Scott Hecht
     “Jesus:  The Good Shepherd”
          (John 10:1-21) (Part 4)
Days of Elijah

Musical selections with numbers are from The Worship Hymnal; others are projected PowerPoint slides.

6:00 PM Evening Service Format, Sunday, May 20

Opening Hymn
Praise and Prayer Requests
Message by Pastor Scott Hecht
     "A Vision of Heaven"
          (Revelation 4:1-11)

Closing Hymn