Sunday Service Orders

  Sunday Service Orders  

10:00 AM Sunday Morning, January 13, 2019

Tidings of the Church
Greetings from Kevin Stone, FEBC President
Call to Worship – Psalm 96:9-10
Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises 
Glorious and Mighty 
Amazing Love (My Lord, What Love is This?)  #168 
Scripture –
     The Mission of the Church (selected verses)
All I Have Is Christ
By Faith
Pablo and Judi Perez – Missionaries to Ecuador
Message by Pablo Perez, serving with LAM
A Ministry of United World Mission
Let It Be Said of Us  #597

Musical Selections With Numbers may be found in The Worship Hymnal. Others are projected PowerPoint images.

NO Evening Service This Week

6:00 PM Sunday Evening Service Format

Opening Hymn
Praises and Prayer Requests
Message by Pastor Scott Hecht

Closing Hymn