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Discipleship Groups

 Leader: Pastor Adam Fischer


A Discipleship Group (D-Group) is a small group that meets for personal Bible study, personal interaction, and building meaningful biblical relationships. A "D-group" generally consist of 2 to 5 people.

Why a D-group?
Discipleship Groups meet with the goal to stimulate each other’s faith in Christ, spiritual growth, knowledge of God, and love for one another.

How long is D-group?
Typically, a D-group meets for about an hour.

How long should a person be in a D-group?
Ideally, a person will be in a D-group for as long as they want since they enjoy the people in the group and learning together. It is recommended to join a D-group for at least a 5 week time in order to cover substantial content about discipleship.

Where do D-groups meet?
At Heartland Bible Church campus, local restaurants, parks, homes, etc. The location for D-groups can be flexible as it fits the needs of a person and/or group.

How to join a D-group?
One of the ways to get into a D-group is by filling out the D-group sign up form online. Please pick a time on the form that works for you and we will try to put you in a group to meet at a place you feel comfortable.

For more information, call 402-489-2600